Numéro Netherlands . Editor in Chief: TIMOTEJ LETONJA

Under the direction of the Editor in Chief Timotej Letonja, Numéro launching in the Netherlands at the end of this summer.  The site of the fashion magazine will be launched at the beginning of the summer.

The young prodigy has been delighted to work on the Dutch version of the fashion magazine and sees great opportunity for the platform to grow in the low countries.

‘Dutch designers and fashion photographers are counted on the biggest names in industry. I am convinced Numéro, which is regarded as one of the top-end media in the field, can play a big role in connecting the international scene with local developments in fashion’, he says.

At the same time, Timotej wants to ‘shake up’ fashion journalism in the Netherlands.

‘Our country has become more conservative over the recent years, less taboo-breaking. That limits creativity. Media play a major role in changing the atmosphere and reviving its innovative stance.’